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I have been using this cream for a month and there has been a definite improvement. I was contemplating laser surgery for my scarring but so far I am happy with the way my scarring is decreasing... I hope this continues... Also I have some spots left but they are going too. I can't wait for my skin to be normal...   Enna Khan,  London.

This is my second order....but definitely not the last!! I love the cream. I have tried everything from laser, to collagen injections, and nothing has ever worked as well for my acne scars as your product. Thank you so much! Shawna O'Flaherty, WA, USA.

I am buying more for my ACNE. Your product is great! You can practically watch it work! Christina Zeddies, Las Vegas, USA.

Works very well: more so in controlling and healing acne than in healing scars. Have been very satisfied with it. Jeremy Ponds. SC, USA.

Working slowly, but surely on my keloid scars. Jeremy Wahl. New York.

My skin has improved considerably. The product feels good on my skin. Charlotte Rust. New Zealand.

This stuff is awesome.  Can't say if it's done much for wrinkles, but my skin tones has improved a lot and the acne is gone!! Timothy Bielawski. Ohio, USA.

I've been using the snail cream for a while and it is really helping with the acne scars and making my skin have a healthy glow! Dana L. Florida, USA.

I have found this to be the most amazing product I have ever used, for all my skin concerns., Thank You!!!!!!!!!! Raquel Sohn. New York.

I am e-mailing you to let you know how well BIOSKINCARE cream has worked for.  I have very deep stretch marks and all down my legs, I tried the cream on one leg and compared it.  Within 3 months I noticed a huge difference in the color and I was very pleased.  I have already used 3 jars and I'm thinking with as many stretch marks as I have it will probably take a year to get rid of mine.  I would like to participate in any specials you have.  Thanks so much!  Melissa Craig. Canada.

This is my second purchase, I've seen great improvement on my blemishes on my skin. The process is quick and effective, only if you follow the procedure properly.  Harpreet Sachdev. London.

I have used your product for many months and recommend it to everyone. I use it to treat adult acne. But I've found it is also wonderful for dry winter skin such as my roomie has. I even used it on my grandbaby's diaper rash. This product is awesome. And the fact that it was created by God when he created that little snail makes it even more awesome. Please don't ever stop distributing this wonderful product. Shirley Randall, Kentucky, USA.

I tried BIOSKINCARE a few months back and was pleasantly surprised to see that it is everything you said it was. I am continuously plagued with unsightly breakouts that last for months. Drs have been unsuccessful in helping me as are the miracle products I have tried on TV, such as Proactiv. The scars are a problem too. But BIOSKINCARE has cleared up my break outs and has drastically improved the scarring. Thanks for discovering the Product. Laura Mccomas, Florida, USA.

This product has helped me to retain a clear, smooth & firm complexion despite my progressing age. Joan Erwin, New York City.

Love the product (as a Day & Night Beauty Cream) and have introduced it to many women who are trying it for the first time. Lisa Caparelli. Ontario, Canada.

I used this on my sunburn, and it was very effective in healing it quickly! Erin Liedel. Boston, MA, USA

I usually order 2 jars every 4 - 6 weeks. I think it is a fascinating and marvelous product; its effectiveness is unique. Heather R., San Francisco, California.

I have been using BIOSKINCARE cream on my back, chest and shoulders for acne breakouts and to reduce minor scarring left from previous breakouts. I have only been using the cream for a few weeks but already the breakouts have been greatly reduced and I am seeing much improvement in the scarring already! Donna Hensley, Illinois, USA.

My name is Tiffany Dyer and you may use my name.  Can I just say what an AMAZING cream this is that you have discovered.  I have only been using this for a little over 1 week and I am seeing wonderful results.  I have never had acne before and about 7 months ago, I had a really bad breakout. Though, my acne cleared up, I still had scars and damaged tissue that was left over.  Just using the cream for one week, I have noticed a tremendous change.  My skin is so soft and so far one of my scars is almost completely gone.  I can't believe it.  I have tried so many things and nothing works. You can guarantee, I will be ordering another jar of this.  You may even use my e-mail address for a reference. OHIO, USA.

Helps control my rosacea. Wayne Abrams. South Carolina, USA.

I have been dealing with issues with my skin since I was 13 and I am 26 now. I have tried every single over the counter acne product you can buy as well as every single skin care product in the department stores. I've tried several products from the TV infomercials and I've also been to several dermatologists. I spent hundreds upon on thousands of dollars on my face and I have even changed my diet. I'm almost a veg-head, almost meaning I eat fish. I finally found a dermatologist in Beverly Hills that helped clear up my skin a lot. She prescribed me on Tazorac and six months later I was getting chemical peels for the scarring. It helped and so far I've had three peels. I still use the Tazorac at night but lately, after a wild trip to Vegas, I broke out pretty bad. I needed results fast, that's when I came across the "BIOSKINCARE" cream. I have to admit I wasn't to keen of the whole snail idea but, I'm the type of person that will try anything. Anyway, I bought it and when the product arrived I was scared at first because it contained stearic acid. In other products that contained stearic acid I always broke out because I'm allergic to it. But, I suppose the percentage used in the "BIOSKINCARE" cream is so low that it doesn't effect me. Because, I kid you not....OVERNIGHT! the acne that I had acquired was next to diminished. It has been now been three days and everything has completely cleared up and even the scarring is gone. I can't believe it but, this product does WORK! I will continue to order. This is the most wonderful product I have ever found and I pray that it is around for years to come. Because, I don't think that I could bear to part with it.  Thank You! Leah.  Encino, California.

I was initially skeptical about ordering your product online because I live in the Middle East and delivery might take so much time, not to mention that I am not sure whether paying all the shipment charges would be worth my trouble. However, I was desperate, and so I did. Now, after just 3 days of using BIOSKINCARE, my skin had improved dramatically, and my cysts have dried. Now, the bumps have gone down, and only brown discoloration markes which can easily be hidden by my make-up had remained. Some of my friends who also have acne problems were hesitant to order anything from the internet, but now I can show them its worth it. HOwever, I do hope you could establish a distributor of your product here in Dubai, U.A.E. so that ordering becomes easier. M.F. Sharma

Hi, My name is Avyeon Campbell-Bellson. I've been using facial cream for almost a year now. Its has been the best product on the market for razor bump treatment. I am even more confident with my modeling now. Thank you. Saint Paul, MN , USA

This is my third time ordering BIOSKINCARE (for acne scars). My sister and I have used six bottles already. We both love the creme and would like to continue to use it. Esther Kim, California, USA.

I love you product, I think it is helping with my acne very much! Susan Nikula, Washington, USA

This is my second order and I can't tell you enough how well this product has worked for me!!!I Have seen immediate improvement in both color and texture on the abdomen scar I have been applying the BIOSKINCARE cream too. Completely satisfied!! Carl Ferstle, Michigan, USA

I've been using the cream for a month now and can notice a much healthier glow and clearer complexion. I am quite pleased with your product! Jason R. North Carolina, USA

I used one jar of BIOSKINCARE and loved it. It really cleared up my adult acne and made my skin smooth. (now ordering two more jars) Melinda Kierzkowski, Montana, USA

I love this stuff... it clears my acne and it gives me a smooth, clear nothing else I have ever tried. Jacqueline Hill. NY, USA

I love this cream. It has worked for my acne scars with in a week diminishing the red marks to nothing. I am now using it for my stretch marks, and it is working brilliantly. I have also convinced my mother to try it and she has ordered 4 jars!! Nicole LaPolt. Michigan, USA 


Made in the USA. 50 grams = 1.76 oz

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The Biological Skin Treatment Serum

Our products contain a biological serum created by a living creature to (a) take care of its own skin everyday and keep it moisturized, and healthy, (b) neutralize free radical oxidation and the damaging effects of excessive solar radiation and (c) repair and regenerate its skin, and even some of the organs of the little creature, whenever it is damaged by hazards and attacked by microbes.

Skin Treatment Products

A deeply moisturizing natural skin care cream for all your skin concerns and the resolution of all types of skin blemishes. 50 gram jar = $69.98 and for two or more 20% discount.


To nourish and moisturize the skin while you are pregnant and eventually prevent pregnancy stretch marks, strengthen fragile skin, firm sagging breasts and body areas and reduce cellulite. It also works for newly formed stretch marks and scars, while BIOSKINEXFOL works best for old, rough and raised marks. This is similar to the cream in BIOSKINCARE, in a more economical container, with 4 oz. but for use only on the body, not on the face, because it contains a higher concentration of our natural biological complex which results in an invisible film that retains in moisture by occluding the area where it is applied but may feel a little tacky on the face. 4 oz (120g) tottle = $79.98



Same cream base and enzymes as in BIOSKINCARE to "digest" or dissolve blemishes, speed skin turnover and tighten skin, and two ingredients that help reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation, allowing for a more even skin tone. Leaves skin bright and refreshed! 50 gram jar = $79



Oil free moisturizing gel for facial blemishes. Unclogs blocked pores by enzymatic hydrolysis, without peeling. Truly moisturizes the skin from within. 50 gram (1.76 oz) airless pump bottle $59 and 20% off for two or more.


A home microdermabrasion cream with the same high quality micro-crystals professionals use to breakdown hard, rough and old scars and blemishes, and allow for a deeper penetration of our exclusive all natural skin moisturizing serum contained in the microdermarasion cream. 120 gram (4 oz) jar = $89