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How to dress a thin man to stay visible and contain it

Actually, there are lots of Skinny Men Dressing Clothes, because thin men have more choices in the style of dressing than those who have fat bodies. of course there are advantages and disadvantages for you thin-bodied men. because there is ease to mix and match clothes. even in online shops sell more clothes and sizes for lean men compared to fat men
but of course for mix and match you have to consider the height and color of your skin. if it’s wrong in color and size you will look like someone who is neglected and bad in fashion. therefore refer to tips, styles and How to Dress Skinny Men that are suitable for you
Use Inner Shirt
The role of a t-shirt might be considered by many people, including me. Many consider that the undershirt is not important, makes it hot, so that it disturbs the comfort. However, undershirts are important for the style of thin man’s clothing.
Because the undershirt can make your body look fuller. Inner shirts can also prevent your body from being seen from a thin shirt or shirt, so that your thin body will not appear.

Use Top Oversize
Clothing that looks great is as if it looks suitable if used for men or women with thin body.
Oversize top will make your appearance seem full and proportional. for some reason I myself see men or women using oversized top clothes look more attractive. as if I thought that their style was cool.

Long-sleeved shirt
Every man must have a long sleeve shirt. Indeed, shirts like this can be used on all occasions, such as for college, playing, work, to the mosque, to the wedding because they are still classified as polite clothes.
For that reason, at least you have to have 3 or more long-sleeved shirts for the style of a thin man’s clothes.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans will neutralize the impression of “fat” on your oversize top and will also make your appearance look more attractive and will shape your feet into a level and impress higher
* Don’t use pants that are too big like cutbray or cullotes. both items will make your body stand out. don’t let them say you are a skinny guy who is ugly and also oversized pants will make you look a short man

Bomber Jacket
Bomber jackets are not recommended for obese people, because this jacket seems to expand when worn, making the wearer look very full. Well, on the contrary, this bomber jacket is perfect for those of you who are thin and make your appearance fuller
Bomber jackets have a thick layer of filling, in addition to giving warmth to the wearer this jacket also provides additional volume to grow you

T shirts
I think the T-shirt is better to use a bigger one than you normally wear. For example, you usually use a size M tshirt, so I suggest using a tshirt with size L because it will make your body more proportional. better big than tight.
for color you can choose plain colors if you want to be combined with jeans and denim jackets, like white or black

Polo Shirt
Polo is actually not a type of clothing but an industrial brand. However, in Indonesia polo is known as a shirt that has a collar and the shape of a buff sleeve (addition of rubber)
as much as possible choose a dark polo shirt and its size just right on your body do not oversize because it is not right. my recommendation is to use polo with short arms.

hear the word robe that must have crossed my mind is true Islamic clothing, right? yes these clothes are usually seen in mosques or taklim recitations.
The robe is also a style of dressing for thin men because this long and wide shape will make your thin line covered. don’t forget to wear an undershirt or an ordinary t-shirt because it will make you fuller.

Jeans Jacket
With a stiff texture and thick material. very fitting for those of you who are thin. most jeans jackets sold come with long and long sleeves from this jeans jacket, try to choose long to the hips, so that the shape of your thin body is covered
style using a jeans jacket can be combined with a plain white or black plain t-shirt, because both colors are not selfish in terms of color

Flannel Shirt
it’s no secret that a flannel shirt makes the wearer fuller. both long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts. for use you can add t-shirts to flannel shirts